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Hermes - Pier W Copper River Salmon Run - @Maria Suma followed by lunch at Pier W

Pier W Copper River Salmon Run - Running in Cleveland, OH Northeast Ohio

@Maria Suma Dyngus Day...

A PARTY LIKE NO OTHER Dyngus Day Cleveland happens once a year and is a Polka blast that rocks the streets of Cleveland with Polka jams from morning until night! WHAT IS DYNGUS DAY? Dyngus Day, or Wet Monday (Polish Śmigus-Dingus or lany poniedziałek)

Geeky couple show their travels with feet, including a tiny addition to their family later on.

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@Kate Schmida @Erica Caballero This *so* made me think of you (in an envious-I-wish-I-could-run-like-that kind of way). :)


my philosophy for running. Also add to this quote - if you run til you pass out it won't hurt at all, just find someplace soft to land before you do. Finally, if you run til you puke then that's even more calories you 'burned' in your workout!

90 days till the half marathon in Seattle and training starts tomorrow

my goal is to run this one. maybe this first time, but at least someday!