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Who I am

Every time i have a rifle in my hands, i feel like i am brave. In camoflouge i feel like im invisible. I hunt to kill. I kill to eat. I eat to live. I live to hunt.

Lionel Crissman of Ohio discovered the skeleton of a deer whose plume sported almost 1000 points.

Lionel Crissman of Ohio, discovered the skeleton of a deer whose plume sported almost 1000 points. The region of northern Ohio is known for harboring deer to atypical plume

Killing is great? Really? Saving lives and rescuing animals would be considered great by normal people.

Hunting isn't a sport or a hobby. Real hunting is about feeding a family and using nature for what it is intended

How to quarter a deer in the field click right now how to quarter a deer in the field #stepbystep

I hate deer hunting! I cried when I saw an add for a game called deer hunting where you kill animals. I wish hunting didn't exist!

HAHA....This has Tony written all over it!! For hunting he can be up in a flash...work not so much!!

Swear this is my exs life. I couldn't wake him up to save my life, but hunting season he was out of bed and made me breakfast all by day break!

Sound like a deer

I HATE SQUIRRELS! They freak me out every time. I think that a monster 20 point is crashing through the woods then find out it is a tiny squirrel. how are squirrels louder than deer?

Have always wanted to see a fight between two bucks- Deer & Deer Hunting

Pre-Season Play: Bucks Sparring in September

Charles Alsheimer of Deer & Deer Hunting examines the role early-season sparring plays in buck behavior and dominance hierarchy.