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Christmas ideas
Simple wrapping - Kraft paper, wide printed ribbon & gift label
6 Christmas gift tag ideas with free printables, via http://www.scandinavianlovesong.com/
kraft paper with white snowflake gift wrap- use this concept with any holiday or celebration. For a birthday you could use a birthday hat or cake cut out.
decorate an egg carton and gift it with mini cupcakes or muffins inside @ yumpins.comyumpins.com
How to use all that pretty tape? Use it as the decorative element on plain gift wrapping.
gift wrapping christmas with newspaper and a single letter gift tag
Creative Gift Wrapping Day
old fashioned brown parcel paper: It's a sturdy, durable paper that doesn't rip easily. Brown parcel paper is easily found in supermarkets, hardware & stationery stores at 1/4 the cost of the more traditional paper available. Save the pretty fabric & upholstery trims for decorative embellishments.