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20 Cliche New Born Photos Starring A Dog…

'A cliche newborn photo shoot starring a dog.' (Jack Russell Terriers have so much expression!

I was building a Queen sized bed and headboard from the following tutorial.When I looked down and noticed that I had plenty of scraps left over to make my new puppy...

Pallet Dog Bed

Pallet wood (shows bought wood options too) dog bed. So simple and adorable. Much better looking than your standard dog bed pillow on the floor.

Plant grass seeds with potting mix in a flat container and in just a couple of weeks you’ll have a grass bed worthy of Simba himself! Grow a couple in rotation so you can swap them over when one wears out.

Some of these are AWESOME! Make a tiny bed of grass for your cat to chill in. 26 Hacks That Will Make Any Cat Owner's Life Easier get Stink a patch of grass lol

Na al die jaren op de schoolbanken volgde de ultieme uitdaging: de vergaarde kennis uit de voorbije jaren toepassen in de praktijk op een finale stage. Het leek altijd een ver-van-mijn-bed-show, de…

Uit het leven gegrepen: ‘de stagiair’

Why Do Cats Cuddle? - Much of the reason why a cat cuddles has to do with in what type of environment he was raised. Cats raised in a calm, affectionate family learn to trust humans and express that through cuddling.

When it comes to our pets, there's very little we wouldn't give them, we simply need them to have the best and be the most healthy they can be. Here's our compilation of some of the most healthy & delicious treats you can make for your dogs at home.

11 Healthy & Delicious Dog Treats You Can Make At Home

Don’t these Strawberry Dog Treats look delicious? Most dogs have a sweet tooth just like people, haven’t you ever caught Fido trying to snatch a cookie? There are ways to indulge their canine cravings without the dangers of chocolate or processed sugar ov

Don't let expensive vet bills come between you and the best care for your pet. Get a quote from Embrace Pet Insurance today.

Don't let expensive vet bills come between you and the best care for your pet. Get a quote from Embrace Pet Insurance today. - Gardening For Today

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They make these for babies, but your cat should have one, too, obvs. 23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!



Side eye is the best!

Sly Kitten: If I just keep looking cute, they'll surely blame the dog. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Car Dog Bed - If you were a dog, wouldn't you want this bed for all those long road trips?

if I were a dog, I would totally want this. Hell, I could enjoy that for sleeping during road trips. This website makes custom dog beds that fir your car.

This is *too* cute!

Dear Grandma, I love my new hat, it keeps my ears warm. Dear Grandpa, okay maybe not the best hat. Help me, please!