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Florida Alligator Savages Teenage Swimmer’s Arm

Florida Alligator Savages Teenage Swimmer's Arm

Limpkin on a Branch at Everglades National Park, Florida

Limpkin, also called Carrao, Courlan, and Crying Bird - a bird that looks like a large rail but is skeletally closer to cranes. It is the only extant species in the genus Aramus and the family Aramidae.

Fourth Grade Life Science Worksheets: All About Alligators

All About Alligators

How many teeth does an alligator have? Find out with this fun worksheet, dedicated to teaching you and your child all about alligators!

Everglades- Got to watch where you walk! Almost stepped on one of these guys.. and yes, I'm sure that would have been painful!

What a handsome gator!


Come see Paul from the hit tv show on Animal Planet "Gator Boys" at Everglades Holiday Park

Alligator sinensis - Chinese alligator

Alligator sinensis - Chinese alligator

Come face to face with alligators, Florida

20 top animal encounters

20 top animal encounters - Join an elephant patrol in Indonesia Wildlife lovers have plenty of reasons to head up to Gunung Leuser, but for many the big draw is the chance to see one of the world’s rarest animals, the …

Glass Bottom Boat tour Silver Springs

Glass Bottom Boat tour Silver Springs

Tangled mangrove forests and jungle-like tropical hardwood hammocks. Welcome to Everglades National Park.

January - Everglades National Park * Half land and half water, the vast Everglades harbors rich animal and plant life and flock of subtropical birds. First destination of the this calendar that I have been to!

Shelling on the secluded island of Cayo Costa, Florida in June

Shelling on the secluded island of Cayo Costa, Florida. Cayo Costa is only accessible by boat or ferry. Join Captiva Cruises for a shelling tour to Cayo Costa State Park beaches.

'Little Boy Blue' Little Blue Heron by Pete {PelicanPete}, Florida Wetlands

Little Blue Heron Egretta caerulea Fairly common permanent resident