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simple, but cute and it lets them know you took a little extra time to make it special :)

Butterfly Snacks Ideas cheese n friuts

Sommerfugle snacks

Skip the prepackaged baby carrots, apple slices, and snap peas and save lunch money with this fun butterfly snack craft.

creative food

Cauliflower clouds and oatmeal owls? You'll eat them up after you see photos of one mom's stunning mealtime creations.

apples, marshmellows & peanut butter

Aunt Angela made these for me when Harrison got his first teeth! Apple Smiles This is a simple but fun party food idea that you could literally bite your teeth into. All you will need are mini marshmallows, apples, lemon juice and peanut butter!

cute fruit

Cute baby chick made out of fruit by Family Fun Magazine!

under the sea week-food: Octopus (apple, grapes, mini marshmallow, raisins or chocolate chips)

Kitchen Fun With 3 Sons: Octopus Fruit Snack

60 Pratos divertidos para crianças com banana

60 Pratos divertidos para crianças com banana

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Animal snacks

Celery, apple slices, carrots, peanut butter snails, logs or caterpillars.

Creative Kid Snacks: Healthy Christmas Snacks for the Kids

Healthy Snowman Snack {Edible Crafts for Kids} cottage cheese!

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30 healthy kid snack ideas that are creative and fun! Look at that grape tree!

Cute snack idea

Turning My Picky Eater Around: An Easy to Follow Plan

pretzel sticks for the tree trunk, cucumber slices for the leaves, and even a couple strings from string cheese for the swing + a carrot. such a cute idea and might be a good way to get kids to eat healthy - super simple.

Davis Vision - Surprise your kids with this cute and healthy rainbow snack. It’s easy to make and great for the eyes! #recipe

Cute Snack Idea: A Sweet and Healthy Veggie Rainbow

rainbow veggie rainbow snack recipe for summer or St. Patrick's Day - what to make for the kids on a rainy day - creative celebrations appetizer recipes to help kids celebrate

Veggie snack flower. The kids would like it.

cute idea -cheese, tomatoes and peppers.

Jenni Price illustration: Flower Snack for Kids

Jenni Price illustration: Flower Snack for My Kids