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What beliefs do my clothing choices reflect

If my clothing choices reflect what I believe, then what beliefs do my clothing reflect?

A woman’s most prized possession isn’t her hair or beauty it is her modesty. * * * #happy #tuesday #morning #motivation #wisdom #live #love #life #happiness #smile #friends #funny #modesty #inspiration #quote #instagood #like4like #followme #islam #islamic #muslim #muslimah #quran #allah #allahuakbar http://quotags.net/ipost/1647911509348865013/?code=BbejsloBFP1

wariaah: Modesty *Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists - we are being manipulated against one another slow wars by The United States of Israel *

Clean and neat catches eyes on the street, Favorite one of all. The only one I don't really agree with is the knee length skirt.

A 15 year old girl started this club at her California High School. Unbelievably, her family has suffered vandalism and harassment as a result.

Modesty has far more to do with our hearts, than it does with our clothing. Anyone getting all caught up in the apparel is probably missing the point.  Our beauty should come from within and not be wrapped up in our bodies. True beauty is found in our hearts and will be evident to anyone around us. Baring our bodies doesn’t make us more beautiful. No matter what the world might tell you.  More from "The Bare Essentials:What I Tell My Daughters About Modesty" (live link in profile) #modesty…

Really been feeling the Lord putting this on my heart lately ❤️-Cindy


Modesty Quotes from Older Women

One Simple Truth About Modesty...

One Simple Truth About Modesty.

Would you be comfortable with what you're wearing in the Lord's presence?

I want to be pleasing to God's eyes.

Body and heart  <3

Modesty in dress alone is missing it, let's be modest in whole.all aspects, by being both modest in dress, conduct, & heart❤️



Let’s face it… we live in an extremely sexualized world. Want to start a heated debate amongst the Christian community? Just bring up the topic of modesty (and what is right and what is wrong) and darts may fly in your eye! Modesty is one of those gray areas where there is a widely varying<a href="http://www.faithgateway.com/modesty-starting-points/" title="Read more" >...</a>

Traci Little shares about modesty and shares starting points to living modestly.

Just because the standards for modesty and decency are extremely low, we as Christian girls, don't have to give in. || link to blog in profile

Just because the standards for modesty and decency are extremely low, we as Christian girls, don't have to give in.

Modesty, the gateway to your self-worth

ModLi Blog

I know this might sound a bit preachy. But most of you know that I am a Mormon or a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. All I can say is Modesty is hard to finds these days.

Omgawsh this is what I've always tried to put into words and couldn't. Exactly !!

Omgawsh this is what I've always tried to put into words and couldn't. don't even have the words to articulate how disgusted this makes me

It's a matter of the heart... and the world and society teaches kids and teenagers that everthing has to b short and showing and IT DOESNT MODESTY IS THHE BEST

Modesty glorifies God rather than self.

Amen, I Love You Donna, for the true person that I've been able to see, I Pray that you allow God to show you, who he desires you to be!   Your choice to disrespect yourself, through using your body in seductive photographs in a Sinful way to attract what you believe is men who want to be with you.  The men you are currently attracting are brought into your life by Your choices you've made and the Sin you've allowed to continue.

and he will always tell you you're beautiful AND MEAN IT, even when your outer beauty has faded. This goes both ways btw. If you've been a shallow woman.

ONE SIMPLE TRUTH ABOUT MODESTY "...a woman must have her heart changed before her clothes ever will." Jefferson Bethke, The Idolatry of Modesty, www.believe.com

No idea as of yet who Jefferson Bethke is but this is anew excellent point