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What happened when researchers posted fake iPhone ads online from people in poor neighborhoods

Update: this campaign was successful in lobbying Apple to allow users to turn off step counting on Broader topics of being monitored & the lack of science to support these health tracking devices in this post too.

This links to the study: "Human disease resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields." #cancer #infertility

A study’s findings suggest that smart meters may be responsible for making more people electrohypersensitive. Learn more here: #smartmeters #electrohypersensitivity

Sudsed: The FDA steps down a long road toward banning antibacterial hand soap

Check out the Institute of Science in Society post: "A Roundup of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies." #GMO #Monsanto

This links to the Food Safety News article: "Study: E. Coli Bacteria Can Build Resistance Quickly, Even To Ionizing Radiation."

Going up! Colombian shanty town installs giant outdoor escalators to relief of residents spared a trudge up steps (equivalent to climbing 28-storey building)

A huge outdoor escalator has been erected in one of the poorest districts of Colombia's second largest city.For generations 12,000 people living in Medellin's tough Comuna 13 - which clings to a hillside - have had to made the arduous journey up hundreds of large steps, which is the equivalent to climbing up a 28-storey building.But now a giant outdoor escalator will cut their journey from 35-minutes to just six, and grateful residents have said 'it is a dream come true'.

The rent is too damn high: what we mean when we talk about 'affordable housing'

The rent is too damn high: what we mean when we talk about 'affordable housing' Discussions about ‘affordable housing’ are often confused by the wide definitions of the term. Let’s get it straight

What The Processed Meat Warning Means WATCH VIDEO: