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Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, 155–150 Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, 1877: Artwork by Nytcrawler

Stegosaurus: Late Jurassic, Ma): Thyreophora: Discovered by Marsh, Artwork by Nytcrawler

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Spinosaurus may be the larges Theropod to ever stalk the Prehistoric Americas and believed to be even larger than T-Rex. Recently (late it was determined to be the first and only known aquatic dinosaur.


Styracosaurus (dinosaurio ornitisquio del Cretácico, (Kurt Miller) Most…

dinosaurs with feathers

Feathered Dinosaurs II ~ Fine-Art Print - Dinosaur Art Prints and Posters - Prehistoric Animal Pictures

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How many types of dinosaurs were there? Here's a list of the 15 main dinosaur types, ranging from ankylosaurs to tyrannosaurs.

t-rex - Jurassic

Tyrannosaurus rex is arguably the most famous dinosaur of them all. Tyrannosaurus was the last.

#Mawsonia, Prehistoric Coelacanth #Fish from the Cretaceous Period of Africa and South America, Compared with 1,8 Meter Tall Person | *Artwork by @Hyrotrioskjan published on #DeviantART.

Mawsonia, Prehistoric Coelacanth Fish from the Cretaceous Period of Africa and South America, Compared with Meter Tall Person

Albertonectes (plesiosaurio elasmosáurido del Cretácico de Canadá, 70mA) (Julius Csotonyi)

Albertonectes in the Bearpaw Sea Around 74 million years ago, Albertonectes was the ultimate "stretch-limo" of a group of prehistoric reptiles called plesiosaurs. It hunted fish with a neck possessing over ten times as many vertebrae as ours!