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Funny Mom Ecard: Let's arrange a playdate so we can hang out and ignore our children together.

There is nothing more rewarding than working my ass of as a stay at home mom! Especially since I don't get paid!

Too bad some don't get that isn't a cake walk everyday. Good things those tiny hugs and kisses make up for others rudeness

stay at home mom quotes | don't work,' said no stay-at-home-mom ever. | Funny Quotes

Allison, my house, keeping Matt happy & food made is my job & I love it (:

Mom twerk ecard

So help me god. If I ever find out my girls have been twerking!

Well rested mom skipping coffee...never happened :)

Well rested mom skipping coffee...never happened :)

@Joe N Mary Bouchard,@Gretchen Schulte,@Heather Larson        We might be teaching their child someday!!

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