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Nineteen-year-old Shanghai-based designer Minvoke brings us some typeface designs. For more from Minvoke on NeochaEDGE, link here.

文藝青年 "Young artists" "Wen" - culture "Yi" - art "Qing" - green "Nian" - year

文藝青年 "Young artists" "Wen" - culture "Yi" - art "Qing" - green "Nian" - year

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WHY: So simple and straightforward that every symbol occupies the same size module. ALSO: Fullstop so full, that it is on the same terms with other more meaningful glyphs.


造字工房 Chinese Font Design Studio Simple graphic design involving Chinese characters is difficult because of lack of elegant font.

chinese experimental typography8 Love Guangzhou 愛廣州   experimental typography

Love Guangzhou 愛廣州 - experimental typography