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Tar Valon

Tar Valon, The Wheel of Time - despite the fact that they do describe the city, this has always been a setting in the book that's a bit difficult to visualize.

A place where things that inspire role-playing settings, places, and encounters are posted.


ISO dungeon map I made for the One Page Dungeon Contest Just found out it was a winning entry in the category "Best Map Art" Hallways of Thime

Telrain by MaximePLASSE.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This poster map was commissioned by the Geeks who Play who run a D&D Podcast Tales from Telrain. It's done in Photoshop and its original size is Telrain

The Lost Ossuary (with grid)

The Lost Ossuary

Dyson's "The Lost Ossuary" is a small dimensional rift beneath the Lobachevsky Church. Cut out of the stone beneath the church as a set of crypts and ossuaries, the Lost Ossuary displays bizarre geometries to those who would try to map it out.