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I'm loving these sexy specs.... think I've found my new glasses! :-)

Lynn Herrick Photography - Posing Guide my-life-boudoir-maybe-20lbs-from-now on

2016 Summer Sunglasses,not only fashion but also amazing price $9, One $0 for gift now,limit 3 days

8) I chose this picture to represent when John Griffin got done with his experiment and he changed back white. After John got done with the project he was doing, John turned from being an African American to a white man and wrote his book.

punkluv: velv3tropes: porcelaineskulls: l-umina: lushize: caffe-shakerato: gah james dean woah Why must thou be dead (via TumbleOn) ugh james this is not james dean this looks nothing like james dean do not say that it is this is my pet peeve please stop

DIY Beauty Solution: Make Your Own Lip Stain and Plumper

太阳镜 sunglasses Just like Coco Blanca, Dannii Minogue says, "One of her all-time style icons is Audrey Hepburn – “her physique was more streamlined than mine, so I can’t emulate all of the things she wore, but I love her style and beauty ethos,” she shares. [from her second book, "Dannii: My Style"]