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The Lunge Variation That Shapes and Lifts Your Butt

Lunges are great for toning your butt, but you don't have to stick to basics. This slight modification helps lift your backside even more.

Ready to get those arms toned and looking strong? Weight training has many benefits, especially for women but you can use body weight.

The Best Butt Exercise — and You Can Do It Anywhere

To reshape your backside, you need to work your butt from multiple angles to tone all your glute muscles. This combination move, mixing two basic lunges, does just that.

Defy Gravity: Your Butt-Sculpting Workout Plan

21-Day Better-Butt Challenge

Join our butt-lifting movement. The 21 days of workouts will help you take your butt from flat to full. In the end, you'll have a tighter, stronger backside.

This Metabolism Boost Wake-Up Workout Will Change Your Life

Morning workout to boost metabolism for the day. Check out other tips to lose weight now.