Kitchen with red accessories. So far we have a red coffee pot and a microwave :)

What my kitchen aspires to be (in terms of red accents). now, if only I had that gorgeous red stove.

Like the colors and the shelves

clean and colorful Kitchen //Kathryn M. Ireland>>> love the open shelving, hooks for mugs, and pots and pans hanging. AND the butcher block island!

I always liked black and white checkerboard floors but the red and white is pretty cool.

Red Kitchen Decor - There are many elements that can affect the beauty of a kitchen. The color is one important element in kitchen decor. The red color is so wonderful in kitchen decor because red is

colours colours and more colours!

I was feeling a bit Kardashian today with my kounty kitchen find while naming my post. Anyway, this room is so cute with traditional red and white checkered curtains, baby clue cabinets, that amazing red AGA - or I think it's AGA but I can't quite read

Some folks like that rustic all wood floors ceilings walls and cabinets, but personally I want some color. This little kitchen is in my top 10!!

Retro- This interior space is retro because of the playful colors and bold shaped cabinets with curved handles. A principle design that fits this space is emphasis because the bold colors contrast the lighter colored cabinets.

We love this pretty yellow kitchen! bhg kitchens we want to cook in


love this pretty yellow kitchen! i love the corner shelves and the glass cabinet! ~ cute yellow rug also!

Red & white kitchen

I love this look! Christmas in the kitchen. I always love this kitchen and her home is dressed for the holidays(from My Crazy Life as a farmers wife)