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Four Ways to Create Unflinching Boldness

Four Ways to Create Unflinching Boldness

‘Do One Brave Thing Today’. As you can see from the picture, the whole thing reads: ‘Do One Brave Thing Today … Then Run Like Hell’. This is an absolute. Do One Brave Thing Today

Knight Owl | Just For Pun: We Create Punny Illustrations To Make You Smile

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Lazy Dog Walker - some guy walking his dog out the window of his car in this funny picture.

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Other Penguin Oh no, there goes Stan. Other Penguin Where is he going? Other Penguin Well, I heard Larry offered a pebble to Stan's girlfriend. Other Penguin Oh geez. Yeah let's just hang out over here.

i am so "lampa"... i've fallen countless of times!  while preggy, playing volleyball, malling, going down the stairs, even just walking... ouch!!!

Funny pictures about Polar bears definitely cannot read. Oh, and cool pics about Polar bears definitely cannot read. Also, Polar bears definitely cannot read photos.

My sister loved these fish. She had 5 of them and mom wouldn't let her get anymore. I thought they were ugly. Right along with the bubbly eyed fish.

No one told him…

Funny pictures about No One Told Him That He Can Breath Underwater, tagged with breathe, fish, told, underwater posted in Gags

This is the most truthful thing I've read

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I am sexy and I know it

sexy know it polar bear dancing animal funny pics pictures pic picture .