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Just owning an AR-15 and stocking up on food aren’t going to be enough should the SHTF, here is an article on a few skills that will be very helpful to you should the SHTF. Some of these skills you can pick up on pretty quickly, some of the other harder ones to learn you … Continue reading »

An earlier article discussed five prepping mistakes to avoid and while there can be hundreds it is this articles’ intent to point out some of the more common ones, and so, here are five more mistakes to avoid. You can, if you like, call them “a failure to plan for certain situations” instead of …

All preppers travel from time to time whether it be on business or for a family vacation. I get the feeling that most preppers might let their guard down during travel, especially when boarding airplanes. With all of the rules and regulations it can be daunting to know what you can and can’t bring, how … Continue reading »