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This is a large banyan tree located in Central Florida. It is located at what is now Legoland. Not sure how old the tree. I also have a couple other shots of this same tree.

The Dark Hedges, 300 year old Beech trees, line the Breagah Road in Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, 300 year old Beech trees, line the Breagah Road, Northern Ireland

Baobab Alley  ~ Morondava, Toliara, Madagascar • photo: peace-on-earth.org on Flickr ☛ http://www.flickr.com/photos/peace-on-earth_org/2087316337/

was in madagascar but never made it here.Baobab Alley, Morondava, Madagascar is on the list. It's a beautiful country

The Octopus Tree at Cape Mears, Oregon, USA

"The Octopus Tree" at Cape Mears, Oregon, USA Photo by Nicole Lockney The Forces that shaped this unique Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) like an octopus with its tentacles upwards have been debated for many years. Whether natural events o.

Swing. A perfect self soothing experience as a child or an adult

I have fond memories of my tree swing as a kid! No kid should go through their childhood without their own tree I loved it up there!


Twisted Juniper tree in Moab, Utah / photo: Brent Clark / What sculptural movement!

Ceiba de Peñuelas, Puerto Rico ~ Click through the large version to see a full-screen view (on a black background in Firefox), set your computer to full-screen. ~ Miks' Pics "Trees ll" board @ http://www.pinterest.com/msmgish/trees-ll/

Ceiba pentandra - A tropical tree native to Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, northern South America, and tropical west Africa. Kapok is the most used common name for the tree.

House shaped tree.

Photographer Marianne Kjølner snapped this pair of photographs of a bizarre tree in Denmark - West coast, a very windy place were there isn’t much that can grow. So the tree can only grow where it has shelter.

Tombstone imbedded in a tree: haunting.

Funny pictures about Life goes on. Oh, and cool pics about Life goes on. Also, Life goes on.


Banyan Tree and Century Terracotta Temple, Attpur, West Bengal, India a door to an unknown place

Seeing more than what's in front of you.

Funny pictures about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Oh, and cool pics about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Also, Looks Like Tree is Dancing photos.

Missing You by Phil Koch

Phil Koch - Artwork for Sale - Milwaukee, WI - United States (Page of


The Patient Gardener by Visiondivision Japanese cherry tree two story retreat. Under constuction in Milan but will take 100 years to grow fully.

Ponytail Palm / Elephant Foot Palm native to dry, desert regions of Mexico and the southern United States.

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