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I've really never had a girl crush like I have a girl crush on Lana del rey. I am fully OBSESSED. http://thepinuppodcast.com shares this images to support pin up and rockabilly artists, models and photographers.


Lana del Rey, she takes vintage fashion and style then adds a modern twist to it. This is the closest to my style as I love fashion and love to constantly renew myself but I will always have a vintage or grunge twist and quirk to my style.

IdkmaybeI'ddrinkacupofteaorreadabook- WHAT DO YOU THINK

IdkmaybeI'ddrinkacupofteaorreadabook- WHAT DO YOU THINK

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Who dose this happen too I mean my crush barley knows my name let alone talks to me. I said shrek was my crush cuz I panicked, she then looked at me wierd.

Yeah sometimes..but well human heart can made by stone right..?so just be it!!accept it!!...enjoy it...

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Sucks having a crush on someone who doesn't like you in return or that's "unavailable" and "undatable" but it is what it is and I'm taking myself out of the equation. Friends it is and that's ok 👌🏼

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My crush got a haircut at my dad Barber Shop and he said I was the only girl who didn't make fun of his hair so he let me in front of him and he was the in lineKQ😘😍

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When I'm with a friend and my crush walks into the room [gif] that is totally me

You have no idea how many times i wanna punch myself for liking you so much. Even though you like someone else. I just wanna end the feelings but I cant. Just glancing at you gives me those horrible butterflies. When you sit next to me you have no idea that im exploding inside. I try so hard to stop it but they never end...


I bet my friends wanna punch me in the face sometimes, for talking about my crush ALL THE DAM TIME.