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Welcome to Australia

Things that happen in Australia, Nightmare koalas waiting for you in your garage, presumably to consume you.

"Without sausage sizzles, Australia would literally collapse and turn into Mad Max."

On trolling:

I've convinced more than one person that drop bears exist. A true tragedy, a friend of mine was hit by one because they did not heed my warning to cover themselves in Vegemite, they've been in a coma ever since

People of the Australian Tourism website… I salute you for this feat of sarcastic greatness. Awesome!

Important Tourist Information About Australia

The people at the Australian Tourism website have an awesome sense of humor. Who knew? These are hilarious answers. I love the Aussies.

Drop bear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Drop bear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Koalas are pretty metal

That's not a koala! Koalas do eat leaves but that is a Drop Bear. Drop Bears look just like Koalas but are carnivorous. They drop from teas onto unsuspecting animals and hikers

Lol     I know for a fact the last one on the right isn't, I used the picture to help me for Halloween makeup. You should find it somewhere with "Halloween scratched face  latex makeup"

Actually drop bear attacks are up a whopping over last years deadly total of zero. (Figure it out) . Cause there aint no such thing as last year attacks.

Fucking drop koalas....

Lol totally, Us Aussies also have to ward away the drop bears with space themed hats . < I can't tell if you're messing with me

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