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Know what you stand for.

Stand up ! And don't fall for useless things or people that are just a waste of time.

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So true. And yet people think that when a person is happy they are crying inside.happy is happiness! Girls Shine Brighter when Happy!


Someone I once loved beyond measure told me when a great sadness was heavy on my heart, "you make your own sunshine." She was absolutely right and though she no longer is the keeper of my heart, I remember her words and let the sun shine through me!

Growing up... I used to love counting the stars at night ...  I think sometimes I still do!! Lol!           Aline ♥

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Thinking about making a life change? This blog post gives you the courage to pursue your passions and enjoy life - every single day!

From Corporate America Saleswoman to Blogger : Why I Quit My Job

Change: you are not a tree. If you don't like where you are, change, you are not a tree.

You choose it every day! Despite the negativity, despite the downers, despite the jealousy, the disinterest and the hidden feelings of inferiority... Rise ABOVE those people in your life and SHINE at your very best, no matter what! Because you are great for YOU and the ones who support you in your success are the only ones worth having around, period.

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Chose to find the good in each and every day that the Lord gives you because every breath of each and every day is a gift!!Complain less...be grateful more!  HF~

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no seriously this is every day of my entire life no one gets it

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