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Gustav Gaudernack pencil drawing of sugar spoon in gilt silver with pliqua-a-jour enamel. Signed 1894. Tegning @

Gustav Gaudernack for Hadeland Glassverk. Gravert pokal @

Gustav Gaudernack Design for David Andersen. Silver necklace with green plique-a-jour enamel. Watercolor drawing. 1905-1910 Tegning @

Gustav Gaudernack, Watercolor sketch for silver vase with white "madonna" lilly enamel motif. Tegning @

Gustav Gaudernack scetches. Watercolour,pencil and ink. Enamel guilloche box and naturalistic silver and enamel spoons, some "Florida Ware" Tegning (skissebok) @

Gustav Gaudernack. Watercolor sketch of silver coffee set with stylized maple leaf/seed enamel decoration. 1900-1914 Tegning @

Gustav Gaudernack design for silver guilloche brooch with forget-me-not motif. Design protection 1912. Own Workshop. Tegning @