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Hit the cat Military Dog Picture of the Week. (April 4th, 2012)

Dog helps military man to locate enemy and eliminate them. That's why a dogs is a mans best friend

I just LOVE the German Shepherd dog! I adore their character and I find them beautiful and entirely irresistable!

GSDs can be the sweetest and most affectionate pets, dogs…At least in my experience. I love dogs in general and something about the shepherd just works for me

Cheese please!

This is probably the truest thing i have ever read about the German Shepard- "I see you have cheese.I also like cheese." Though the word 'love' may be more accurate.

pup in a truck

Funny pictures about Ear compass. Oh, and cool pics about Ear compass. Also, Ear compass.


Thor, If you can see me, then you're awake! Now get up and feed me.or let me play with my ball!