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Discovery Channel re-design Concept by Enes Danıs on Behance

Mobile UI designers search Amazing examples of Mobile UI designs for inspiration.Take a look at these 21 Creative Examples of Mobile UI Design Inspiration.

Home app concept | Designer: Colin Pye - click the image to see more.

Home App concepts

uxsux: Design Inspiration: Home App concepts via Dribbble > Colin Pye

Beautiful minimalism, sleek thing gradients used to create the grid and amazing typographical treatment that blends in with the images to create incredible depth. Amazing thats what this is.

Centered design even at desktop resolutions. Top header is nice with nav + logo + search and social. Probably be good to use this model. JCrew and Madewell among others use a centered logo. Discovery Channel by Luciano Pouzada

CNBC Prime Logo and On-Air Package by NYC-based Gretel: clean, brutal & somewhat hipster-ish monospaced typography that looks appropriate

The branding of CNBC Prime - CNBC Prime Logo and On-Air Package Very James Bond meets Gordon Gecko but with a great, graphic edge in the monospaced typography and big headlines.

Metro-esque but with elements of Material Design. I like the subtle animation of the icon on opening/closing

Odyssey Translator UI Animation

Road, really by red stubborn set _ interactive design _ Interface Design _ Original designs Channel - Powered By Cool (ZCOOL)

These icons are very limited in color and all fall under a common design theme. While color is limited, each app icon has its own personality and unique was of displaying elements. Great collection overall.

Mixed UI/UX designs for your inspiration | From up North:

Mixed UI/UX designs for your inspiration