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Gold Nanoparticles Melt Your Excess Fat | Popular Science - This is not a scam. - For at least a decade, researchers have tried to develop practical ways to use gold nanoparticles to kill cancer cells. But perhaps you'll see the nanotechnology in a cosmetic surgeon's office before you see it at the oncologist's.

Scientists Support Research On Gene Editing Of Human Embryos | Popular Science - Clinical applications should be limited to somatic cells. The use of gene editing in clinical applications should be limited to somatic cells, which are cells whose DNA would not be transmitted to the next generation. Editing somatic cells would only help the affected individual who receives the treatment and would not have an effect on his or her future children.

ARTIFICIAL MOLECULES COULD BE TAILOR-MADE TO STAMP OUT SMELLY PITS THEY PREVENT ODOR FROM FORMING IN THE FIRST PLACE - The key here, is that unlike other deodorants, which as you remember, kill the smell-causing bacteria, these MIPs would keep the microbial environment on your skin safe, and at the same time stop body odors before they form. They do this by first trapping the precursors to the bad odors, and then preventing them from undergoing hydrolysis.

Can We Predict PTSD With Saliva? | Popular Science - Sisi Ma, a research scientist at New York University's Langone Medical Center, presented her work trying to do just that at the Leveraging Big Data and Predictive Knowledge to Fight Disease conference at the New York Academy of Sciences on Tuesday. Their goal was to identify markers that could tell doctors which of their patients would be most likely to develop sustained stress or PTSD

This 11-year-old Japanese girl, a surivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, suffered hair loss, fever, and bleeding gums from radiation poisoning, 1945

Basic yeast cells, such as those shown here, can be modified to produce painkilling opiates through the addition of 20-plus genes.

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