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Arnold Böcklin, Self-Portrait, with death playing the violin. Arnold Böcklin (16 October 1827 – 16 January 1901) was a Swiss symbolist painter.Influenced by Romanticism his painting is symbolist with mythological subjects often overlapping with the Pre-Raphaelites..... His pictures portray mythological, fantastical figures along classical architecture constructions (often revealing an obsession with death) creating a strange, fantasy world. [Wikipedia}

Om in Orange Original Acrylic Abstract Painting Fine Art in Double Mat by Ryan O'Neill

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15 Truly Bizarre Facts About Ancient Rome

While Romans were extremely hygienic, they did not use soap. Instead, to get clean they would apply perfumed oils to their skin and then scrape it off with a tool known as a strigil. | 15 Truly Bizarre Facts About Ancient Rome