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Explore Radio Astronomy, 1973 and more!

“In the scant few decades in which humans have pursued radio astronomy, there has never been a real signal from the depths of space, something manufactured, something artificial, something contrived by an alien mind. … And yet the origin of life now seemed to be so easy — and there were so many billions of years available for biological evolution — that it was hard to believe the Galaxy was not teeming with life and intelligence.”

Inner Radiation Belts of Jupiter-Details in radiation belts close to Jupiter are mapped from measurements that NASA's Cassini spacecraft made of radio emission from high-energy electrons moving at nearly the speed of light within the belts.

I'm learning all about Recaro North 3dRose - Danita Delimont - Technology - WV, National Radio Astronomy Observatory telescope - US49 WBI0070 - Walter Bibikow at @Influenster!

60 Minutes: Atacama ALMA Telescope, Femtoseconds & Life in Space?

The ALMA telescope is a marvel of modern science in the heights of the Chilean desert, where scientists hope it will help us glimpse the beginning of time.