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Just know you can see the ocean from this window.

Just know you can see the ocean from this window.

Pruning geraniums can help keep them looking their best. Cutting back geraniums will prevent woody and leggy geraniums, especially in geraniums that have been overwintered. Find pruning information here.

Pruning Geraniums - How To Pinch Geraniums For Better Growth

Overgrown Geraniums: Preventing And Correcting Leggy Geranium Plants - Many people wonder why their geraniums get leggy, especially if they keep them year after year. Find out the cause and what to do with leggy geraniums in this article.

rusty tools = perfect garden accents....I can't help thinking, "That and in case of undead invaders, you have a whole yard of weapons handy..."

Summer 2011 gardening yard and junk photos

A door battered by time, but brightened by flowers | by Delboy1940Essex (Still trying to catch up)

A door in St Ives, Cornwall,UK. The 200 year old door belongs to St Ives Bakery and has been listed by its owners, who were at one time made an offer to put it in the Tate gallery, but as the owner said where would I get another 200 year old

nothing like peeling paint & stucco to add  charm....in the right city like say... Venice:)

Tuscan Charm ~ Adore the patina.the sense of a life lived long ago in a most interesting time and place.

How to Paint Geraniums, FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

How to Paint a Basket of Red Geraniums tutorial