RATIONELL Cutlery tray basic unit IKEA Dimensioned for RATIONELL drawer 40 cm wide; makes maximum use of the space. (11)

RATIONELL Flatware tray basic unit - IKEA, is an inexpensive way to store/organize your office suppiles!

BEKVÄM Estante p/especiarias - IKEA - Pintar com as cores da decoração - Livros, pequenos brinquedos... :)

BEKVÄM Estante p/especiarias, bétula


FINTORP Gancho, niquelado

IKEA - FINTORP, Hook, Use the hooks to store your kitchenware on the wall and fit more into your cabinets and drawers.

Cache-pots, pour intérieur - IKEA

RISKORN plant pot, green Outside diameter: 6 " Max. diameter inner pot: 4 ¾ " Height: 5 " Outside diameter: 15 cm Max.

3 estantes ajustables.

KILBY bookcase, birch effect Width: 26 " Depth: 9 " Height: 76 " Width: 67 cm Depth: 24 cm Height: 194 cm

GODMORGON Caja con compartimentos - IKEA LO NECESITOOOOO

GODMORGON Caja con compartimentos, transparente

IKEA GODMORGON Box with compartments Transparent cm Helps you organise your jewellery and make-up.

IKEA - NEJKON, Vaso, Ideal para orquídeas uma vez que o rebordo interior afasta a planta do excesso de água no fundo do vaso.Decore a sua casa com plantas e vasos que se adequem ao seu estilo.

NEJKON Vaso, branco

IKEA - NEJKON, Plant pot, Ideal for orchids, as the inner ledge keeps the plant away from excess water at the bottom of the pot.Decorate your home with plants combined with a plant pot to suit your style.

MANDAL Estructura cama - 160x202 cm - IKEA

MANDAL Bed frame with storage IKEA The four drawers in the bed frame provide a lot of storage space. May be completed with MANDAL headboard.