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my melon work

my melon work

My kids will watch Yo Gaba Gaba for the soul reason that my favorite band is a frequent guest.

Absolutely love this! Brobee Veggie Tray: There's a party in my tummy, yummy yummy! Would the Tot eat more veggies if they were arranged in the shape of Brobee? Link also has other holiday (Halloween & Christmas) themed and Elmo veggie tray ideas.

monster recipes

Little monsters party - How fun is this watermelon fruit monster! In addition to the fruit salad and monster cakes, Shara also served monster toes (pigs in a blanket) and monster brains (sandwich wrap slices topped with hummus).

Weekend Pop Art Bento Tigger

Weekend Pop Art You will want to eat up these pop culture characters

Ponyo sandwiches

Ponyo Sandwiches These are some of the fun sandwiches I've made during this past week.

Watermelon Food Carving - So creative and Visual

Watermelon Food Carving - So creative and Visual

An awesome owl carved form a watermelon! Wallpaper and background photos of Watermelon Owl for fans of Random images.

OctoPIE! :) hahaha ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MAKING THIS FOR HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to share with anyone who happens to read this my great love of Octopus Pie. no not , not actual pie. Although I do love pie. In fact I have a poem about pie. Ode to Pie Oh Pie You are savory, you are sweet Made of pastry,made of meat In my…