Seated cable row (aka pulley row) is a great back exercise. It's easy to break form here, so be sure to keep your head up and your back straight. Try to keep the weight on your back muscles at all times (do not pull with your arms). As you bring the weight back try to pull your shoulder blades together and flex your lats. Don't go back to far - go to a 90 degree angle, then lean forward, pivoting at the hips. Think of your arms as hooks to hold the weight. Make your back do the work.

REVERSE CURL The Reverse Curl is a great bicep exercise that also if controlled, can strengthen and work the extensor muscles. If you are going to add reverse curls into your workout it should be one of the last exercises that you do for biceps. Most of the time you are going to use a smaller amount of weight and lift very controlled to get the most benefit out of this exercise.

Do your hamstrings and butt need some work? Stiff legged deadlifts are the answer! While it's important to use enough weight, it's equally important to focus on form. Keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight. Lower the bar as far as you can comfortably. On the way back up be sure to squeeze your hamstrings and butt as hard as possible. Focus on using those muscles rather than your lower back or shoulders. The key to success with these is to squeeze ass hard as…

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