Weather Sun/Cloud/Rainbow Craft for Toddlers and Kids: Sun printed on yellow cardstock, cloud on white paper (cardstock if gluing instead of doublesided tape) equal lengths of crepe paper streamers in each of rainbow colors. I taped back of streamers together beforehand and put double sided sticky sheets & double sided tape on cloud face so 2.5 yr olds could add cotton balls. Also did an early science activity using cotton balls to soak up water for "evaporation" and then make it…

Sun/Cloud/Rainbow Weather craft for toddlers & kids: yellow sun out of card stock, white cloud out of paper, crepe paper rainbow streamers. For toddlers put double sided tape on cloud and let them stick on the cotton balls. Older kids could cut out their own and use glue...although I like the no mess of tape!

We made these when we had snails in our class. Instead of using paper, we decorated the "shell" with paint (dipped on cotton balls).

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