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Carb Backloading Meal Ideas

That would certainly put things in perspective. I wish menus would list burpee equivalents rather than calories. For example, if you had pumpkin spiced latte, you might as well get down and do 367 burpees. LOL damn it dessert! I would NEVER eat.

My fitness goal is to have my boobs hit the ground before my stomach does when doing push ups.

Haha, yea, if this happens, it's because I got a boob job! 13 Funny (Perhaps Inspiring) Fitness Ecards-These funny fitness photos will inspire you to hit the gym.

Alternate Portal 2 title...(sooooo true)

Portal 2 for PC; first portal game as well. These games are very intriguing, and sound pretty fun.

I have to play one of these in jazz band because the managers do percussion instruments in one piece & they're always sooo loud to take out hahaha

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