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Interior Design Gallery of Interior Design Projects of Drawing rooms, Bedrooms and Halls ---- I wouldn't want all of this exactly as it is on this photograph. I just like the general feeling of it. Most of all the wallpaper and the mirror / lamps

Hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper at the Norcliffe estate, Seattle. OMG this is so beautiful!!

Norcliffe foyer: hand painted Chinoiserie wallpaper - one wall with uber expensive chic wall paper and mirrors.

Tory Burch's famous green living room! **More Celebrity Living Rooms here!!**

Celebrity Sneak Peak: 7 Stunning Living Rooms Owned by the Stars

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High English Victorian even sported it’s own Boho look with the deep red walls, the rich fawn colored woodwork and Victorian mirror and fireplace. Add some comfy leather chairs and an ottoman and you are good to Boho.

"Headquarters." Home of Italian Architect, Interior and Production Designer, Lorenzo Mongiardino, 1987.

Mysterious Gothic Home Decor and Victorian Gothic Decorations Ideas.Reference about dark and weird accessories for kitchen, bedroom & other room interior.