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花火大会やお祭りに☆【可愛リッチ】でGETできる浴衣コーデアイテム-STYLE HAUS(スタイルハウス)

Kimono and Yukata are considered Japanese traditional clothes! And they are worn in special festivals all year!

Traditional Chinese Hanfu - Red Pifeng/披风 (Ming Dynasty-style jacket) with embroidered cranes from Qinghuige/清辉阁.

A contemporary take on the kimono - I'll definitely have a good look around the Sanjo-Dori shopping district, on the doorstep of The Cocoon Room:

Uchikake (wedding kimono) with flying cranes. The style is reminscent of Taisho and early showa era uchiakke although it is possible that this example is not as old as that.

71 Pictures of Snow in Our Favorite Places ...

The red gate you see in the picture is the gate (torii) for one of the shrines in Kyoto, Japan. The color red is a charm against evil spirits for many shrines across Japan. Colors can have different meanings and messages around the world.

天授庵 - 南禅寺 / Tenjyuan Nanzen-ji Temple Kyoto, Japan.  天授庵 - 南禅寺 / Tenjyuan Нанзен-дзи, Киото, Япония.

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京都 モダンアンテナ工房日記 -11ページ目 Modern Antenna:Friends.

京都 モダンアンテナ工房日記 -11ページ目 Modern Antenna:Friends.