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You know you're a runner when you run up and down a street 3 or 4 times to get the last 1/4 of a mile in on your Garmin. TRUE!!!

Hello loves! You are all wonderfully & beautifully made-- Don't ever feel like you're not beautiful! This blog is to help me stay motivated to live a healthy lifestyle & inspire others to do the same!! :) Motivation is key! Don't ever give up, it will...

The Greatest Gift of All

“ The snow started to fall deftly to the ground, glistening. There was an unmoving silence. It seemed as if we were the only two people alive for miles and miles. As I stood there, gazing down the conquered street, I was overwhelmed with peace. I had met my match. My father has never quite realized what he gave me that day. He gave me the greatest gift I could ever ask for, the ability to celebrate my own gift, one that I had within, to run and to never stop.

Makes me feel better about not reaching my goal finish time for marathon... but also inspires me to try again this year! ;)

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