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My sister is wanting to play the thoughts are, go for it and then teach me how to as well!

10 Tips to Become a Cellist - The cello is one of the most elegant and respected instruments within the orchestra. Whether you fall in love with its rich sound or are impressed by its size, learning the cello provides an unique but highly rewarding challenge. While you may feel anxious about getting started learning and mastering how to play your cello, it is important to recognize the steps to leaning the cello.

i wish i could play the cello. if souls had sounds, that's what mine would sound like when it laughed.

♥ I hope Sam has an interest in playing the cello. I have always wanted to learn since I was a little girl. It is a beautiful instrument.

"A very rare example of the work of Hans Krouchdaler (Bern, Switzerland, ca. 1700), who, although residing in Bern, can be thought of as being a representative of the Alemanisch School. He was a pupil of perhaps the most significant luthier of this school, Joseph Meyer, from Pfaffenhausen, Germany."

These 24 Photos Are Going To Seriously Mess With Your Brain. I Absolutely Love #3.

i wish it was just the picture becasue i saw it immediately...but oh well it's still cool