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Why did we start this?

Why DID we start doing that thing? A mystery of Stonehenge proportions.

Weird facts ^_^

You guys, this Mallard duck fact has been the bane of my existence for so long.

may the bouquet toss be ever in your favor.

"Two Families Enter. One Will Leave. The Wedding Games. May the bouquet toss be ever in your favor." Hahahaha yes!

Here are some cool Google Easter Eggs you can try right now.

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics I tried these but found that only two of them worked on my Mac computer. The Zerg rush (which is quite fun actually) and the Atari breakout

I'm gonna use that lightning thing. If any boy says something to annoy me I'll just be all,"Well you're 6 times more likely to get struck by lightning so,..."

Did you know...

These r some pretty interesting facts! My friend with love the scorpion one! He hates scorpions!

I just looked for my Allegiant board and then remembered that I don't have one...

So true except for the 15 years old part. I like my men like my whiskey, aged to perfection.>>> they never said 15 years old. They said 15 years OLDER than them.

Funny Pictures: This is what happens when Kaley Cuoco meets Barney Stinson

I love Neil Patrick Harris! He is possibly the greatest man EVER!

SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR (I found this on a doctor who board... just gonna casually leave this here... ya know, in case one of you is the Doctor in hiding...)

SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTOR (I found this on a doctor who board. ya know, in case one of you is the Doctor in hiding.) <- these comments, love how they don't relate to some creepy pyramids but the doctor who fandom

I don't want to see selfies unless they look like these.:

The 24 Funniest Selfies That Have Ever Been Taken- I. am. -- seriously, jesus & the banana suit

Hilarious!!  Pinterest fails!

When things go terribly wrong…

OK, I'm not always THIS epic fail at craft projects. This really made me laugh, becuase SOMETIMES, I really AM this fail.