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How Liberals Distract From Policy Failures II: Scapegoat Guns & NRA

Since liberals can’t blame guns for the weekend’s trifecta of terror attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota, they are — of course — blaming GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. (Thank goodness Trump has given liberals a new scapegoat to replace George W. Bush — since they wouldn’t want to acknowledge any responsibility for …

NDAA 2017 Includes Draft For Women, Indefinite Detention Of American Citizens -

Oregon sheriff becomes scapegoat for shooting; Libs brutally SHAME him for fighting White House. This coming from the party that is "tolerant" to all beliefs.

Philly cops blast Hillary for having shooting victims’ families speak, but not families of slain cops

Hypocritical anti-Palin ad from radical pro-abort Ashley Judd from 2009. The words she uses when talking about the wolves here is exactly what she supports doing to the innocent human beings in the womb. Complete hypocrisy! Judd thinks the lives of wolves are more important than the innocent human lives in the womb.

#POTUS .@BarackObama Continue to do what's best for All of #AMERICA in spite of the Haters/Obstacles put before you. Thank You For Your Dignity, Intelligence & Fairness. #StaySTRONG!