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Orphaned orangutans Rickina and Ricky play in the shade at a rehabilitation centre in the rainforest jungle of Western Borneo.

Pictures of the day: 19 May 2014

Orphaned Bornean orangutans Damai and Rizki play in the courtyard at Surabaya Zoo as they prepare to be released into the wild in Surabaya, Indonesia. The brothers were found in Kutai National Park in a critical condition having been abandoned by their mother. The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) have since been nursing the animals back to health, treating them for malnourishment and 16 wounds predominantly to the feet and hands.

Orang-Utans sind die größten heute noch lebenden Baumsäugetiere sowie die einzigen überlebenden Großen Menschenaffen Asiens.

British tree surgeons to teach Sumatran orangutan rescuers how to climb trees

Scientists estimate that 1,000 orangutans are poached every year, despite being a protected species

Barrow loads of mischief! Orphan baby orangutans saved by YOUR generosity trundle off to their private jungle playground

Baby orangutans are moved into the new International Animal Rescue centre at Ketapang in Borneo after they were left orphaned when their parents were killed by loggers or hunters. A public appeal raised enough money to build a 64 acre sanctuary for them ♥