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Frozen The first Disney movie that teaches girls they don't need a man to save them, they need their sisters love.

I try to, and sometimes we get along really well.... We're a lot like Rarity and Sweetie Belle though.  Sometimes she annoys me.

Yeah if me and my one o my sisters were in frozen and she turned into an ice sculpture I'd be like lol no more annoying sister

I wish it could go back to this! That's so raven had always been my fave tv show! But I actually enjoyed the other shows as well!!! I honestly don't think twice about scrolling pass disneys new channel! Bring back the early 2000s shows!

"The old Disney channel." — I consider the bottom left (Hannah Montana and Suite Life) getting into new Disney Channel territory, but otherwise, yes. *nostalgic sigh* That channel seems so dumb these days.

Elsa gown


She looks so pretty with her hair down like that. I wish they had shown Elsa with her hair down at least once in the movie.

Disney Princesses Don’t Need A Man! Watch This ‘Frozen’ Musical

Disney Princesses Don’t Need A Man! Watch This ‘Frozen’ Musical. Seriously, watch it! So funny and well done! Even though there's more to the princesses than needing a man, this is hilarious!

Oh my gosh I could cry at how beautiful this is...


Frozen Feet Can they please make this a real sequel! While reading this, I pictured Anna on her wedding day with Kristoff. So adorable

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes #quotes

20 Best Disney Humor Quotes

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Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Frozen Humor / Disney / SO TRUE! love this movie!

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