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Aston is a cute fluff ball of cutness. Luke is just hot when he was that age. See the difference

@AMELIA2028 Sorry I am sincerely sorry. Okay? Lest be friends and I promise that I won't look out for you anymore:)) Got a comment block:( just forget about this. Love ur pins btw. But if not... That's okay. I just don't understnd... :)

I loved this moment. This is when I (well I think everyone) realized that it would be Lorelai and Luke! Emily was the first person to see it she knew that they were really in love with each other.

Why are there no men like Luke in the world? MS I think MOST men are Luke-like: * Hard time expressing emotion (check). * More REAL than BS (check). * Reserved but loyal (check). * Not great with timing (check). * Romantic but inarticulate (check). * Trying to do the right thing even when confusing (check). Realize not ALL guys are Luke-like, but I know a fair number of them (but then I'm a guy :).

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Didn't think it was possible to just continue getting cuter as you age... They've proved me very wrong.