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Bradley James - My fav prince/king Arthur

Lifetime's The Omen TV Series 'Damien' Casts Bradley James, Premiere Episode Director Announced

This line really touched me to a deeper level than most others. I really connected to the idea.

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I love how Merlin sees things so differently and beautifully. ---- This is one of my very favorite quotes from the entire show.

I love how when ever Merlin stops talking all the time Arthur gets worried! I've said this a billion times, but I love their friendship.

This is THE MOMENT, the one we have all been waiting for for so long.... the moment when Merlin reveals to Arthur that he has magic.

the moment when Merlin reveals to Arthur that he has magic.

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Colin Morgan biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more. Colin Morgan graduated from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dr.

Why is he sitting on the chair sideways? <---because Merlin isn't there to turn it right side up for him. He's probably at the tavern...lazy servant. <--- pinning for the comment.

Get Smart

Get Smart - Promo shot of Anne Hathaway & Steve Carell. The image measures 2800 * 3729 pixels and was added on 17 May

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Bradley and Colin rehearsing their lines 1x01

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