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Hey Puppy, I hate to break it to ya, but your dentist is a real quack!

FRIENDS — con Xabier Erquicia Osinalde.     Cortesía: Aula del Asno Zamorano Leonés, Villalcampo (Zamora) España.

Dog and his donkey best friend

cute animals 25 Daily Awww: A nice dose of cute animals for ya photos)

Dear sweet faces on these dolls!

Funny pictures about A true friendship. Oh, and cool pics about A true friendship. Also, A true friendship.

This is Gonna Be Good

Isabella, a golden retriever in Kansas who adopted three white Bengal tiger cubs and nursed them as her own. The tiger cubs — Nasira, Anjika and Sidani — needed somewhere to turn because their mother stopped nursing them 15 hours after their birth.

Pig & Pup. This warms my heart. So many of God's creatures can get ...

Post with 28 votes and 97556 views. Animal Odd Couple: A five week old boar plays with Candy, the Jack Russell Terrier in Ehringhausen, Germany.

Dogs and cats, living together. Browse our most popular tags: dog (puppy) cat (kitten) rabbit

English Bulldog adopts a litter of motherless kittens. #kitten #puppy

Bulldog adopts litter of orphaned cats. She was raised with 'Kitty Kitty' who gave birth to kittens, around the same time she gave birth to puppies. After Kitty was hit by a car, Molly took in the kittens as her own!


A raccoon and her dog. In the wild these two would be enemies. To escape a dog, the racoon will climb a tree or, if possible, jump into a pond or stream. In the water the odds are even; many a dog has been drowned by a raccoon.

Dognkey !!!

Swissy & a donkey are unusual barnyard friends. Most donkeys see dogs as coyotes/ predator! So this is exceptionally sweet & amazing!

Deer and Cat make a cute but unusual pair of friends.

lolz online - A Deer Visits This Cat Every Morning

..Come play!.

lamb and a friend. Reminds me of friends in Wyoming and their lambs :)

Raising Chickens 101 (see link at the bottom for the Chicken Learning Center for more articles/information)

How To Raise Chickens

Raising BackYard Chickens, Build a Chicken Coop, Pictures of Breeds All inclusive web site on raising chickens.

Just that look on the dog's face melts my heart even tho I'm the cat lover.

donkey nap time with it's teddy...I want to hold this donkey while it naps.  :(  So cute!

A baby miniature donkey with his Teddy bear. This mini donkey and Sawyer would be perfect for each other with their teddy bears!

Watch Out These 20 #Amazing #Cool #Animals That Touch My Heart

Prarie dog love you kiss.