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Migrating data between different cloud providers – ... via @JamesvandenBerg - MicrosoftAzureNews

150,000 Gallons of Water Transform a Room Into a Reflective Lake

150,000 Gallons of Water Transform a Room Into a Reflective Lake - My Modern Met

Artist Paints Striking Murals on Sides of Icebergs to Warn About Climate Change

Sean Yoro (aka Hula) has recently stepped on his infamous paddle board to paint more stunning human portraits in unusual places. Although his previous murals have been created in warm weather, the New York City-based artist has since ventured to much colder lands: a glacier in North America. The larger-than-life works—produced using oil paint on mounted acrylic sheet—feature Hula’s signature side-view profile as it bobs in and out of the water. In addition, he painted a half-open hand…

Surreal Storytelling Illustrations by Andrew Ferez

Intricate Shadow Silhouettes Carved from Knife Blades by Li Hongbo

Insect Wings Made to Look Like Blooming Flowers Explores Natural Concept of Mimicry

Though their components are natural, these are not photos of unusually beautiful flowers. This collection is fine art photographer Seb Janiak’s latest project, in which he has manipulated photographs of insect wings to look like blooming flowers. The series, entitled Mimesis, was created without digital manipulation. Using no special effects, the artist utilized analog photography in combination with superimposition and photomontage to create the layered and hypnotic insect flowers…

More Fantastic Doodles of Characters Living in Skylines by Thomas Lamadieu

Striking Black-and-White Watercolors Depict Children and Wild Animals