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Разпределението на силите в Парламента - 26 независими кандидати

Volby do Evropského parlamentu určí nové rozložení politických sil

COP19: come combattere il cambiamento climatico

COP 19 conference: a key step in the fight against climate change Green Living 4 Live

Giornata europea della protezione dei dati: ridare fiducia

Data on your online activities — from social media to shopping — is regularly sold to American advertisers. Strong data protection standards are in place in the EU to protect your privacy, but this…

The origins of the universe: physicists Peter Higgs and François Englert at the EP

De oorsprong van het universum: Peter Higgs en François Englert in het EP

Utvinning av skiffergas - så fungerar det

Utvinning av skiffergas - så fungerar det

ACTA : comprendre la procédure d'adoption en une image

EU - What's Next for ACTA ACTA: From Start to Finnish © European Parliament The European Parliament produced an interesting infographic illustrating how the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

Infographie sur la production de cacao

Cacao : les députés donnent leur feu vert à un accord international

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Prix Sakharov 2014 - Denis Mukwege

Duais Sakharov 2014 - Iomaitheoirí na bliana seo