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March 2013:People stand beside an enormous hole in the ground in Guangyuan, a village in southwest China's Sichuan province. The hole currently measures 24.9 metres in diameter and residents fear the pit will continue to grow until it starts swallowing nearby houses.

Rescuers look for survivors after a building collapsed into a large hole in Guangzhou, China, in January 2013. The demolition was caused by the construction of a metro line and left a nine-metre deep hole in the ground.

Scary hole in Monticello, California

Bottomless Pit - Monticello Dam Drain Hole Glory holes are used for dam's to drain excess water during dry seasons. This is the largest one of them all in the world, it is located in Lake Berryessa. It is used very rarely, but it is quite the sight to see

July 2012:This huge sinkhole suddenly appeared on a main road in Changsha, capital of southern China's Hunan Province. The enormous hole opened up at around 1am and swallowed up a car - killing one and injuring a further three people.

In January 2007, a huge crater opened at the construction site of the Pinheiros subway station in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Officials said a passenger minivan had fallen to the bottom of a 40-metre (130-foot)-deep pit dug to facilitate delivery of supplies for workers, and the lip of the hole gave way to a landslide, taking with it vehicles on a roadway around the edge and dumping tons of earth, asphalt and concrete on them.