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80s girls cartoons - link takes you to a site w/ links to 80s cartoons, including some fave girl ones

Girl power of -Sheerah, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, Jem and I don't know who the blue girl is. The blue girl is frosta. She was one of sheras home girls.

Showbiz Pizza...spent a few birthdays here as a kid.  The characters look creepy now, but back in the 80's they were cool!

Showbiz Pizza and the rock afire explosion band before Chuck E Cheese.

Ducktales. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frGLMtGsotc . Also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txj6ROnIUIo

DuckTales Theme

Being from germany this is what I think of when I hear Duck Dynasty - funny, germany, hear, duck, dynasty.

Perfection! We owned this game when I was a kid, but like the game Operation I was always too afraid to play it. lol. Oh and don't wake Daddy also scared the crap out of me. lol

Perfection scared the crap out of me until I started cheating and arranging the pieces in advance of playing the game.

Loved the Noozles

the noozles.good lordy this is one of the first shows I remember from childhood rofl.loved it!

Good news! Many of our favorite beauty brands from childhood are still around. We want another Caboodle!

What Are Our Beloved Beauty Brands of the '90s Up to Now?

McDonalds Characters...what ever happened to these guys? They were hilarious!

The Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese, Big Mac, Grimace, Fry Guys.