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Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Car Trip, 1913

Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour Photograph by Jacques-Henri Lartigue

Lytro Celebrates 175 Years of Photography with a History of Cameras Infographic | Fstoppers

Lytro Infographic Looks Back at 175 Years of Photography History

Modern photography turned 175 this month, and to celebrate, Lytro put together an infographic to explore the history of photography.

A Visual History Of The Photograph [Infographic] – ReadWrite

A Visual History Of The Photograph [Infographic]

Worksheets: History of Photography Timeline

History of Photography Timeline

Worksheets: History of Photography Timeline. Your grader can learn about the history of photography and you can test his reading comprehension with this fun history timeline!


This infographic reveals the milestones in photography and cameras that got us to the remarkable level of photo-sharing that we are at today. History of the camera