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Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures

Medic Thomas Cole of Richmond, Virginia, looks up with his one unbandaged eye as he continues to treat wounded S.Sgt. Harrison Pell of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, during a firefight, January 30, 1966

LIFE Covers: The War in Vietnam

Camouflaged US Soldier, Training for Jungle Fighting in Vietnam, October 1961 Photographic Print by Ralph Morse. Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at satisfaction guaranteed.

The women who served in Vietnam

Vietnam Women's Memorial - It was an awful, unnecessary war, but we must respect and support those who lived through it in the military, doing the best they could. Their need to remain silent on their return caused them even more pain and damage. I imagine they still have nightmares.

During the Vietnam War, the U.S military sprayed some 12 million gallons of the Agent Orange defoliant over Vietnam. Now, almost four decades later, the toxic herbicide continues to have a devastating effect on thousands of Vietnamese people. Passed down genetically, Agent Orange has caused various diseases and deformities in three generations of Vietnamese families.

The hellish nature of the Vietnam War causes the American public to see the limits of modern military power when faced with thick jungles and guerilla style warfare. Richard Nixon's administration shows it's true methods and causes deep introspection in the American political atmosphere.

Vietnam: The Real War – in pictures

A 1st Cavalry Division soldier throws a rice basket onto the flames as his unit sweeps through a village near Tam Ky, 350 miles northeast of Saigon, October 27, 1967

February 14-17, 1967 The 1st and 3d Brigades, 1st Infantry Division conduct Operation TUCSON, a deception operation (prior to the launching of JUNCTION CITY) along the south-eastern edge of War Zone "C" and the northern sector of the Long Nguten secret Zone and the Michelin rubber plantation. In addition to capturing 1,700 tons of rice and 27 tons of salt plus bombs and mines, they killed 13 VC.